Armed with death piano version~ ;-;

I think I just died inside.

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Orchestrated version of ‘Awakening’ from Final Fantasy VI! 

  • Xtremely irrational minority person: kill and eat all straights
  • author self insert: oh my such vulgar language i almost felt a bead of sweat roll down my delicate forehead mmm yes oh my
  • good rational minority person: Hey, the Heterosexual Community has feelings that matter as much as yours or mine. By spouting such awful things you are literally oppressing people-their rights and privileges are being drained from them as you type on this microblogging site. To quote Dr. Martin Ghandi X, "why c an't we jsut bbe nice uwu"
  • Xtremely irrational minority person: *pees*
  • author self insert: thank u good rational minority person. it is a shame not everyone can be as good as u *feed treat*
  • good rational minority person: woof
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Who did you sit with at dinner?

• Like for Luke

• Reblog for Kenny

(This would help me for an art piece I’m doing)

Sat with Kenny because I was just really happy to see him again ;_;

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So the first time I met Grendel in The Wolf Among Us, Telltale game’s amazing video game, I thought, “Oh my god I am going to hate this jerk off aren’t I…”

….And now I love him. <3 I have to say the way he stands up for people, even though he can be a little over the top sometimes, really makes me love him dearly and I just love his character. He cares but refuses to show an ounce until it really counts… Oh and his actual form, the Grendel form, IS AMAZING!!!!

If I have time I’m going to make this a full piece in between my commission work… I just really needed to draw something for myself and Gren was just the man to satisfy my Wolf Among Us appetite. <3

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<What’s the most important thing in this world?>

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Orchestrated version of ‘The Phantom Forest’ from Final Fantasy VI!